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 crypto native art collective - bannerThe Crypto Native Art Collective’s goal is to honor our Ancestors by building an online digital gallery for what has traditionally been called Native American Art through the power of a collective for emerging and established North American Indigenous Artists expressing the Soul of Indian Country…and weaving it into the World Wide Web.

Indigenous Artists and culture bearers will have the opportunity to showcase their works and be part of a larger village of Indigenous Artists bringing awareness of traditional and contemporary Native art from over recognized 1000 tribes, First Nations People and North American Indigenous Peoples, creating a village expressing the soul of North American Indian Art and Indian Country.

Our goal is to create a digital legacy for Native American Artists through blockchain art. NFT art and The Crypto Native Art Collective™ Space will globalize and re-establish trade routes for indigenous art of the Americas in the tradition of the Native Trade Routes that were used for thousands of years. The Artists in the collective will receive a large percentage of the proceeds of their primary sale and secondary sales. While we did not win a gallery space on SuperRare in the first Space Race in 2021 we continue to develop this art collective project. With that in mind we purchased nativeart.eth and plan to offer subdomains to native artists. We also plan to distribute a percentage of all funds to organizations and supporting Native American Art funds, universities, educational grants, art supplies as well as software for digital arts along with support to foundations for grant funding.

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